MSCTY x V&A dundee

MSCTY x V&A Dundee

Jute, Jam + Japanese Architecture!


EXPLORE THE V&A Through site-specific sound works


MSCTY x V&A Dundee

Our MSCTY x V&A Dundee project brings the fruits of a collaboration linking Scotland + Japan through innovative architecture and music.

With Kengo Kuma's iconic structure that has redefined the great city's landscape as our starting point, Japanese ambient pioneer Midori Takada soundtracks the interior of the design museum, while Dundee-based artist SHHE worked with us to produce a site-specific response to the museum's exterior.

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Part 1: KI-KI-KI [木-樹-気]
Midori Takada
Part 2: Memory of the Water [水の記憶]
Midori Takada
Part 3: Whales Dreaming of the Hill [クジラは丘を夢見る]
Midori Takada
~ | Extract from the live installation recorded Sunday 22 August 2021, 14:48 BST [Sea level 4.9; Humidity 84.6; Temperature 18; Wind Speed 11; Visibility 24000]




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MSCTY Explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space. MSCTY Creates collaboration between physical, tangible, imagined landscapes, and sonic [space is the] place; from this we seek new ways of reading the world around us. MSCTY Invites criticism; inquiry; openness; suggestion; community. MSCTY Believes that the only boundaries [the only barriers] are dogmatic constructs to be broken down! MSCTY Believes that the quality of sound environments is as critical as quality air to breathe. No less than the Phuture of Sound is at stake: 5, 8, 6, we are MSCTY!

MSCTY Explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space.