Since 2010 Musicity has worked with sound artists and musicians to develop responses to mostly existing, physical architecture and space. MSCTY_EXPO differs in that it is a place for unrealised architecture, buildings and structures that although were not built, deserve to be in the spotlight, rather than hidden away in a dusty filing cabinet or on a hard drive of projects. MSCTY_EXPO helps bring these structures and spaces to life by inviting equally innovative and experimental ways.


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Akrafokonmu/Soul washer's badge
Chisara Agor
Loraine James
Return To The Horizon
Hannah Peel
Zip-Up House
Yuri Suzuki

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MSCTY Explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space. MSCTY Creates collaboration between physical, tangible, imagined landscapes, and sonic [space is the] place; from this we seek new ways of reading the world around us. MSCTY Invites criticism; inquiry; openness; suggestion; community. MSCTY Believes that the only boundaries [the only barriers] are dogmatic constructs to be broken down! MSCTY Believes that the quality of sound environments is as critical as quality air to breathe. No less than the Phuture of Sound is at stake: 5, 8, 6, we are MSCTY!

MSCTY Explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space.