We invite you to follow the Low Line, a Victorian railway viaduct running through Bankside, London Bridge and Bermondsey.

This is the inspiration for Musicity X Low Line, which saw 15 soundtracks inspired by hand-picked locations.

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Druid Street Wildflower Meadow
James Alec Hardy
A Piece on Bermondsey Tunnel
Chihiro Ono
Concurrence from Ewer Street
Thomas Stone
Forever City
Throwing Shade
Gibbons Rent
Tom Szirtes
Iron Road
Queens of the Drag
Lola de la Mata
The Secret Spy
The Memory Band
The Underdog
Erland Cooper
The Facades
William Doyle
You Know That I Need You
Suitman Jungle
Southwark Cathedral
Ghost in the Machine
The Biscuit Factory
Cunning Folk
The Tale of South Bermondsey
Frog Morris + Darren Callow

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MSCTY Explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space. MSCTY Creates collaboration between physical, tangible, imagined landscapes, and sonic [space is the] place; from this we seek new ways of reading the world around us. MSCTY Invites criticism; inquiry; openness; suggestion; community. MSCTY Believes that the only boundaries [the only barriers] are dogmatic constructs to be broken down! MSCTY Believes that the quality of sound environments is as critical as quality air to breathe. No less than the Phuture of Sound is at stake: 5, 8, 6, we are MSCTY!

MSCTY Explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space.